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We provide a specialised service preparing post-production scripts to the highest levels of accuracy and professionalism for the film and television industry. We provide accurate, economical, approved post-production spotting lists at a fast turnaround for independent British and international features. Our rates are the most competitive in the country and our client base includes most international sales agents, the UK's leading independent production companies and post production supervisors.

We just do post production scripts.

We leave word processing, copier hire and script binding to others. PS-PostScript employs skilled editorial staff to prepare our range of scripts. We produce all of the industry-standard script documents demanded by studios, sales agents, distributors and production companies, including subtitle spotting, dialogue, continuity and combined lists.

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Feature film distributors often have widely varying delivery requirements.

Most distribution and sales agreements specify extensive detail to be included in a Post Production Script, referring to scene, shot and action descriptions and explanations of dialogue such as slang and colloquialisms.



As with feature films, PS-PostScript prepares a comprehensive range of post production and transmission scripts.

Networks and international sales agents and distributors often don’t require as much detail for dedicated television product as for feature films.

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